25% reservation of weaker sections in public schools

Delhi High Court in its order dated 20.01.2004 directed the Delhi government and the land owning agencies to ensure compliance by public schools of the land allotment condition of providing admission to the extent of 25% to the children belonging to weaker sections of the society and grant them freeship.

Subsequently, the Delhi Government passed an order on 27.04.2004 which was challenged by most of the public schools by filing writ petitions in Delhi High Court, which had its next hearing on 04.03.2005. The Govt. of Delhi filed its counter affidavit on 04.02.2005 in the High Court in opposition to these writ petitions.

The Chief Minister of Delhi constituted two committees in pursuant to the Delhi High Court Orders, (i)Janki Rajan Committee and (ii)Krishna Kumar Committee. Both the committees submitted their reports/recommendations to the Delhi Government. Delhi Government was directed by the Honí ble High Court of Delhi to submit their response on these reports in the High Court before the next date of hearing i.e July 21st, 2006.